Concrete Equipment / Diamond Blades

Prices are subject to change without notice, so please call (856) 767-5554.

Get the gear you need to get your job done.

Mini-Planer 5 hp (7″ Width)*
8″ Green Conc. Saw
10″ Ring Saw
Power Pac
Flat Saw 10 hp (14″)
Flat Saw 18 hp (self-propelled) (18″)
Flat Saw 30 hp
Flat Saw 65 hp (self-propelled)
Multi-Purpose Saw 12″ Gasoline
Multi-Purpose Saw 12″ Electric
Multi-Purpose Saw 14″ Gasoline
Trowel 36″ 4 Blade
Trowel 46″ 4 Blade
Float Blade Set
Tile Tub Saw 10″ Electric w/ Stand
Block Saw 14″ w/ Stand
Flex Shaft Vibrator
10-3 Extension Cord
Core Drill (Hand Held)**
Core Drill Machine w/ Pad & Pump
Power Buggy w/ Hydr. Dump (10 cu. ft)
Ride on Buddy w/ Hydr. Dump (16 cu. ft)
Floor Scabbler
Floor Grinder (Electric)
Floor Gringer (Gasoline)
Mortar Mixer
Concrete Mixer
Full Float w/ 2 handles
Power Screed
Wheelbarrow 5 cu. ft.
Rebar Bender
Rebar Cutter

* Blades extra on all saw rentals
** Bits extra


4 Hour




Sale Price

Mini-Planer 8″ Gasoline