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Many power tools require accessories in order to perform their required job.

For efficient completion of the job, choosing the proper accessory for the tool is just as important as selecting the proper tool.

  • Saws need blades that are matched for the material being cut and the desired finish of the cut.
  • Drills need bits that are matched to the material being bored as well as the diameter of the desired hole.



 The same kinds of things need to be kept in mind when using sanders, air tools, paving breakers and even generators.

The performance of the tool and the outcome of the work done by the tool are affected by:

  • Sandpaper grit size.

  • Tool steel types and sizes.

  • Power cord sizes.

Winslow Rental is here to help you with those choices. We’ll help you get just the right accessory for the tool so the end result is what was anticipated at the start of the project.

Items available include:
Blades for band saws, block saws, circular saws, demolition saws, jig saws, reciprocating saws, sabre saws, tile saws, and walk behind saws for cutting asphalt, block, brick, concrete, concrete pavers, foam, metal, stone, tile, and wood.
Bits for core drills, hammer drills, magnetic drill presses, rock drills, rotary hammer drills, as well as standard drills for drilling in masonary products, metal, and wood.
Tool steel for electric and pneumatic breakers, clay diggers, and chippers.
Brushes, papers, stones and wheels for grinders.
Sandpaper for belt sanders, floor sanders, grinders, and orbital sanders.
Blades for floor strippers.
Plus many other accessories for these and other tools.

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